3281. Communication in the Classroom Is Great!

The foreign or second language teacher must train his students to acquire some communicative competence. A lot of communicative competence, I’d say.
He will not give just language facts, like words, but he will train his students to get that competence.
The communicative approach is okay. But consider also that it implies some notional and functional approaches. The student will learn about different topics and as well he will train himself at saying things that are performative: how to book a reservation, how to claim for something, how to apologize, how to ask about something, and zillion of more nice things. All that with serenity.
Classes will be practical, although the teacher, or the students, can also give the needed vocabulary and grammar.
Students will be exposed to massive English – if the case – and in that way they’ll also acquire the language, and not only learn it. Acquisition has something of unaware learning. And adults can also acquire, and not only infants. I learned this from great H. D. Brown. / Photo from: gCaptain. The picture is just a nice illustration.


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