3277. How to Learn Many Words Easily

We have already progressed along the school year for a while, okay. And if we’re foreign or second language teachers we may have to also learn that target language.
And we also need vocabulary, to help our students. One way for learning vocabulary is massive reading, for example a novel or an essay book. If we read massively we’ll learn words inadvertently. But remember, we need to read a lot.
In that way we’ll be not only learning the language but acquiring it, in an unaware way. And since we’re learners we will be able to advise our students in a nice way.
We can consult the dictionary for some words but others will get stuck in mind inadvertently, as I said. And all that’s very nice, and useful. In that way as well we’ll be acquiring what we could call the language sense: you can state learning strategies from your own learning experience.
You’re a learner, you’re like a teacher, you can advise other learners. You read a lot, you get some words, quite many ones over time. You have to see many words so as to gain some of them. / Photo from: Pixabay. The girl is capturing images as you may be capturing words.


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