3280. Some Key to Success at Homeworking

Homework? It’s essential.
If I had kids as students I would assign and set some homework. It is useful. I teach English, as you may know. At home the students could write compositions or focus on already corrected-by-me compositions or essays. Or also they can read and re-read some text we’ve worked on at the classroom. Etcetera.
Only we teachers should realize that they have other school subjects and must also do homework for those subjects…
At home they can sediment what learned at school.
However, if we follow the flipped-classroom model the homework would be so different: The kids search, read and visualize material at home and they bring that material to the classroom to discuss about it, said in a rather simplistic way – that’s the core thing I think; well also I’d add that the teacher help the students get and obtain something more specific, more defined, at the classroom. At home also they can visualize tutorials and can work online.
In that latter case the teacher should lead and orientate the material searching the kids can carry out on the Internet.
Summing up, working and studying at home seem necessary, don’t you think so? / Photo from: Academia de inglés en Elche


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