Wednesday, October 4, 2017

3272. Our Students Will Thank Us Their Teachers

Sometimes we teachers will have to reprimand some student, and you perfectly know this is so.
We must have enough fortitude to tell him something to correct himself. We should carry out this correction without humiliating him and aside, when the teacher is alone with his student.
As you know we rather should not correct in public. We can indicate something wrong in the classroom anyway.
Often we must exert fortitude, because it is easier not to correct what he did wrong. But we wish his education: his parents have given us his son to help them educate him. Obviously I’m referring to a son or a daughter, or even some more children of a big family.
We teachers will carry out this correction apart, and not in public, as I said. And always when talking with this student we will leave some exit, an honorable one, for him to leave our office without having humiliated him at all.
Sometimes we can correct that student while strolling at the school playground or along the sports fields. So as to finish I’d add that we have to make that student realize about his problem: we won’t say all, but the reprimanding will be a conversation, where the student recognizes his wrong attitude.
And at another time, for example next day in the classroom we’ll treat him nice so as for him to learn we are not upset toward him. / Photo from: Cargo Ship Core 77. When correcting we cannot put too much weight on the corrected student, but always we’ll be clear.
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