175. What the students watch

The teacher trainer told us,
"Mrs. M. J. A. taught me how to utilize visual aids in the classes.
Even more when the kids are younger: from months of age to 12, 13, 14 approximately.
Very young learners are not capable to understand abstract ideas, or grammar forms.
From 6 of Primary, I mean, since the students are 11 or 12 they can begin to understand grammar patterns.
In any case, it's sensible to bring visual aids to the classroom.
And exploit those visual aids.
Speak about the pictures.
First, it's sensible for you to speak quite a lot of things about the picture or poster. And repeat what you said.
And they listen, and get stuck to the picture because of your emphasis, repetition, good humor and enthusiasm. Put fun in your class-periods.
And afterwards, after your output to your students, ask them basic questions to them.
Perhaps the answers will be one word.
Ask the same question to another student, for him or her to say again what the first student said.
And for advanced students or older ones, demand from them to utter longer statements.
And always, from you, a smile, mainly when they hit the center of the target."

A cute view of a Chinese classroom. I thank ucl ac uk .


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