180. Young people shoot high

I just saw a piece of the news on television, about a demonstration, in Madrid, pro-life, a pro-life demonstration.
Just great, man.
I mean, the people gathered to say a big yes to life.
In a festive mood.
Many families.
Cheerful families.
Some representatives of organizations said they keep on offering positive alternatives to the women whose having a pregnancy is a problem, whose having a baby inside seems a problem, a dead alley, a cul-de-sac.
And these people say No.
There's light at the end of your tunnel. Bear with me.
Save the baby.
We'll see what we can do.
And you, mom, will get happier with that positive solution. Definite so.
I also want to say one point.
We teachers have a positive, a beautiful responsiblity of giving values to our students.
West World is decaying, is dying!: think of young people with no values which they can stand on.
No points of reference.
A nonsense life, at the extreme edge.
A life what sense?
Why am I here for?
Of course, taking into account the liberty of thought of the parents. Summing up: What values? Ask me.
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