Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2390. Super-protector Parents Are a Lot Now

Many families now have few children, maybe one or two, at least in my country, Spain. 

Thus parents focus on the child or teen too much, in the sense that they are super-protectors: all the attentions are focused on the kid. 

Moms more than dads tend to be super-protectors – dad is so focused on his job, etc., and all the attentions or many come from mom, mainly school but also dressing, manners, meals, protecting from cold or heat, homework, many extra-school activities, possible dangers on the street, etc. 

Besides parents are rather young when they become so protectors. 

Kids tend to become whimsical and capricious. And the teacher often has more problems at discipline and class management. Because of that parents, or parent, ought to keep in touch with their teachers, as much as possible. And for those kids it’s sound to have them connecting and meeting new friends. / Photo from: fox-hunting www telegraph co uk
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