Monday, June 8, 2015

2387. Communication is the goal

Scholar Susana Pastor, from Universidad de Alicante (Spain) states that in the communicative and functional-notional approach or methodology of teaching/learning a language, like English, the teacher is a facilitator of the process of learning a language, a second language. 

The protagonists so would be the students, who are the people that work with the language. 

This has something in common with the flipped-classroom theory: the students search and research about the language, and the teacher, as I said, facilitates and conducts that getting knowledge. 

I personally would have to research further because we’re talking about learning a language whose first principle is listening to the teacher and teaching/practicing the four skills of any language, namely, Listening, then Speaking, Reading and Writing. 

Thus, how can we overlap the flipped-classroom theory with the communicative approach? 

I would have to carry on with this research. Any ideas are welcome. / Photo from: bigstock-two-young-student-talking-at-t-15474467 alterbrand com
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