Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2373. Anybody needs love

Any kid lets be educated by whom he knows he loves him, the kid, as Spanish Carlos Cardona puts. 

Every person needs to love and to be loved and felt so. 

The plenitude and First Commandment is to love God and the other people whom we communicate with (well, and anybody else). 

The student needs to feel appreciated and loved by his teachers, and never should he feel hatred from any teacher, or any other mischievous action, like harassing or vexing. 

Like for example some news that occurred few days ago, and which is an exception anyway: a doctor vexed a girl because she was Muslim and was wearing a veil. She was insulted by the doctor: he told her a veil is only worn by prostitutes. This doctor is being judged for this action. / Photo from: improve communication between teachers and students. abeo us
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