Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2375. The authority of serenity

When discipline is already set in our classes, then with slight signs we can mean something specific and full of authority. 

An example. When class management and discipline are set in our classes, with a low-voiced instruction we can mean a pair of students to be quiet and focused on the class, or just by staring at them. 

The teacher then doesn’t get cross and upset, and the class goes smooth. Always taking into account that we can have teens, who are rather playful. 

I knew a teacher in the school where I taught in another town, namely the principal of the school, whose classes were quiet and with rigor concerning the school subject (math). 

He had gotten authority, and trained students of the last grade of secondary education for an examination which was the same for every school, within a region, and which was compulsory to enter college: the highest grade (mark in UK) you got, the more different span of degrees you could choose: Medicine, Engineering, English language Philology, etc. 

The name of this global exam in Spanish is “Selectividad”. / Photo from: freephotos atguru in
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