Friday, June 5, 2015

2380. Educating Their Emotional Nature

Emotional nature and emotions. 

I write them first because I don’t want to forget how to say “afectividad” in English. 

Now what I mean is that parents and elder siblings should educate young kids about their emotional nature. The younger son can ask Dad, and the same concerning girls and Mom. 

They have to educate children and teens about this important field and which one has to affect all they do. 

When telling about this it is sound to consider emotions in relation with the whole person. 

And sexual education as well in consideration of the whole person. Love is giving to others, donation of their self, and being loved has to be felt by the kid, by person. 

When I am at tutoring sessions at school with parents, I get to know a lot about the kid when I meet those parents. And both teacher-tutor and family have to go in the same direction. 

The primordial role in education evidently is in parents’ hands, and they cannot release this topic to the school and teachers.  
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