Saturday, June 6, 2015

2383. How to Spend a Fruitful Summer Camp

In a few weeks I will assist in an English summer camp, near Marbella, in Costa del Sol at the south of the province of Málaga, Spain. 

The point for me is that I will be picking up students from the two classrooms, one by one, and I will take them to my office there. And so we will foster their capability of expressing in English, according to each student’s level of English. 

The camp is for boys aged 14 through 17 or 18. The regular teachers are native ones from an academy of Marbella; they come to the school every day except Sundays. 

The course is rather short, so the students soon get involved in English in a mode of immersion, as if they were in an English-speaking country. 

My conversations with the kids will conduct totally in English, at least inside the office. 

We'll talk about the development of the camp concerning sport, describing pictures, about how youth is now and their problems, talking about their families, their hobbies and readings, soccer, which is so popular in Spain. 

They have sport too and a visit to a special center of psychological disabled people, for the boys to encounter and face up with hard lives, and besides they can thank God for the lives they students can carry out. / Photo from: best-of-first-session_2012 campcarolinablog com
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