Thursday, June 11, 2015

2392. How We Manage Our Vocabulary

My students, as anybody else, I would say, have an active vocabulary and a passive one, regarding the language they’re learning and acquiring. 

The first one is used by them, and the second one is words they know but don’t use. 

I realize that when writing, for example, I use words that I had some kind of guess I knew, and I use them for writing as I said. And Word corrector tells me if they exist or not. 

The same may happen to students after years of learning-acquiring English. You are making up a store with both kinds of words, and retrieve some or many of them for using them. 

I also utilize Wordreference as a dictionary and as an aid. / Photo from: well blogs mytimes com. jogging. The photo is mere illustration: learning a foreign language can be like sport: you invest effort
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