Friday, June 5, 2015

2381. A Way to Learn New Words

On post # 2378 I wrote that you can infer the meaning of a word from its context, ok. 

However, the learner of English or any other language – I said – can look up some word in the dictionary, from time to time, or in order to understand the text. 

And this looking up the word makes the student memorize the spelling of it whilst he’s looking up the word, which is useful and helpful to learn the given word. 

Other students read a passage or a couple of pages, and then they go back to find words they could learn at random; I mean they study the novel, if the case, by going back to new words and idioms, and they then read the words and expressions more slowly, and with the resolution of learning those few terms. / Photo from: Student Chalkboard ablenepublicdictionary blogspot com
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