2809. Just Tips for Your Classes

We teachers should learn our dear students have multiple intelligences, and so they learn visually, in a space-like way, interpersonally, linguistically... Let’s teach bearing this premise in mind – we may have large classes but it’s helpful we know our students well! 

We have a nice responsibility: we don’t just teach but as well educate persons. Education in getting good habits (virtues) too. 

And mastering English is something just expected and assumed in us English language teachers. There’s some idea in Spain novice teachers ought to pass a professional examination, like the one future doctors take... We teachers should also recycle our knowledge, methodologies and practice! 

In my blog, to the right hand there are two nice links both to British-Council-BBC and to TeacherLingo, with material made by real teachers! Are we enamored of our profession?


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