Monday, March 21, 2016

2817. Some Tip about Our Marvelous Labor

We English language teachers should not confine our teaching to English, and that’s it! No way! It’s okay we teach and help learn English, crystal clear, but we as well should consider our school subject from a more human point of view: we’re educators, and we’re educating persons, thorough ones.
We teach from a more ample and wider point of view: we don’t just teach a foreign language but through it we are helping our dear students become upright people, persons, adults if you prefer.
We educate through working: we consider our English language students as persons with a complete and thorough temper and personality, and biography.
We’re educating the people that will lead our dear society, and so also other people... And because of that we help them train them and their skills in the classroom: this one is an image of their future environment and world.
We are shoulder to shoulder in a nice and exacting class atmosphere.
We’re preparing the men and women of a near future. With or by means of a thorough and comprehensible labor. / Photo from: mpasho co ke
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