Monday, March 7, 2016

2803. Positive Motivation for Our Dear Students

Positive motivation. Our students do need it! 

Do we tell our students what they do right and correct? Let’s do that instead of scolding them too much. We can tell them what they do right in a gentle mode: not too much either. 

The point is to recognize what they do good, their effort to improve. After some reading by one of them, or answering to a drill exercise, or giving a nice contribution… We gain and get more with positive motivation than when denouncing their wrong moves and wrong answers. 

It’s a way to empathize with them! Let’s reward their effort. It’s also a way for them to get more sane self-esteem, plus a feedback about their contributions. And rope one student to do an activity you teacher would do: think of a high-achiever student, he could for example read a text you’re working out on, instead of you… / Photo from: pupils www tes com
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