Thursday, March 3, 2016

2799. Only for Committed and Busy Teachers

I guess the teacher’s authority isn’t confined to manage the class, no. The teacher should be a moral authority as well!! 

His or her prestige is all a value, plus working well. At these cases students can notice their teacher’s moral authority and more likely they’ll tend to respect him. 

As far as I know, I could tell you that every single busy teacher that contributes to TeacherLingo is pretty committed. Carry on that way fellows! And don’t decline though problems may occur – all of us have; does anybody of you have no problems of discipline and class management at least from time to time? 

We as teachers should educate our dear students to be capable to face up with life: within rather few years they will be the leaders of our society…, if we get to educate them as great people, great persons. 

For that we have to treat them a bit better as they are, or we think they are, otherwise we could get people with no seriousness and gravity and not eager to build up our dear society! / Photo from: goodfriend-teacherjpgedit www lakecentralnews com
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