Saturday, March 12, 2016

2808. How to Keep Love Afloat Overtime

Pepe and Marta, two English language teachers… had and kept their love after some years of marriage, overtime! They kept their emotion and feeling. 

From time to time they took their children to the grandpas’ and went to some nice place to keep their mutual love. From one person to the other. Also this love existed when they all were together. 

Besides they passed on this love to their children, which helped them be more emotionally stable when they were teens, a period that can be tough!, as you know. This has been inspired from Bárbara Sotomayor and Alberto Masó (2012) El arte del amor. Cómo lograr la plenitud afectiva en la pareja. Madrid: Palabra / Photo from: www youngparents com sg
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