Monday, March 14, 2016

2810. Do We Know Our Students' Families?

Close to our students’ families. This would be ideal, teachers! In that way both the parents or the elder siblings and the teacher can pull the “cart” in the same direction, which is grand, because we all can insist on the same points, and we all too can be confident with the kid’s progress, or face up with his problems on the other hand... 

Do we know their parents or families? 

We teachers can be insisting on a given good habit, which is pretty useful for the kid’s progress, for example hard-working, focusing at classes conducting, honesty, generosity… unless we lean on families we can be plowing in the desert, we can be alone at the kid’s progress. (Well, nothing is lost, all educates the kid.) 

Otherwise we can help the kid become a person used to success but also one that can tackle and face up life’s problems! 

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