Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2812. Keeping Our Students Quiet and Thinking

Silence keeps a nice atmosphere of working and thinking in a classroom: it’s essential!
The class-group should be quiet. Definitely. We teachers should try to get this silence. It’s indispensable. For working and learning and acquiring English or French or...
Plus serenity and a peaceful atmosphere as well.
So calm your students down and try to get that necessary silence, and denounce the disruptive speaker when he starts to talk to his classmate, or just with a silent and serious glance from you... Rope them all with an activity, with activities.
Right now I’m telling you a trick: if you want a quick silent momentum or time, you can implement a dictation! Or a text being read out by you whilst they’re following you on their textbooks. / Photo from: baseball www desipio com. this picture is just an illustration and has its own story. I may tell you about that image someday.
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