Sunday, March 20, 2016

2816. Something Practical about Testing for Today

The point is learning and acquiring English, right?
Yet also it was important to pass the exams and tests... When I taught in Jaén, north of Granada, where I now live, I included one question of previous past units in those tests, so if the kid passed the last unit test, he updated his pass level.
This question of the tests was for example to write a meaningful sentence about their past, so they had to use a verb in past simple, which was something they should have learned previously. So it was some remedial work.
I tried the question would be naturalistic and meaningful and practical for my dear students. The point, however, was to learn and acquire the language and not something confined to mathematically pass the grades (or marks). / Photo from: mrsnewswellsfourthgradeclassroom blogspot com
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