Friday, March 4, 2016

2800. Maybe a Useful Tip for Teaching Adults

A couple of things for today. First, and this is something great, is that I attend English classes as a teacher, but, there’s a but, I also learn from my senior students. 

What? Well from their attitude and perseverance at attending each single class. They’re pretty motivated, and they take a huge wealth because of their experience of life. 

They don’t learn as kiddies do, but they have learning strategies youngsters don’t have! Plus I’ve noticed that actually and really they do learn and even ACQUIRE English. 

And you could catch them speaking in English! With errors and mistakes, okay, but there is real communication amongst us. After their contributions I correct them a couple of mistakes or errors, for them to grab grammar and pronunciation, or their classmates do. Oh, I could go on telling you about them, they’re so great, but I must finish the post. / Photo from: www pfhub com
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