Thursday, March 10, 2016

2806. Creating an Atmosphere of Excitement among Our Students

Only from curiosity can our students learn. 

The school system shouldn’t be just exacting getting good grades (or marks in UK). That’s important but more important is our students should learn from the desire they have to learn new things. This vision could help us teachers to direct our classes in that way. 

Do you know (for example we can ask) anything about the Roman Empire? You may think of that topic because you can read about it in their textbooks of English. And then elicit what they know about that topic, while we can smile in a wicked and cocky way when asking about it and getting answers... 

Thus we’re creating an atmosphere of excitement! We can show our agreement at their answers and contributions. And then we can read out the text about the Roman Empire from their textbooks, while they're following us. / Photo from: site psu edu
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