Friday, March 11, 2016

2807. Some Tips for Private Classes that Worked

Yesterday I taught two private classes to two brothers. One is 10 and the other one 12. 

Well, you know, I treated them as adults, in some way: I listened to them attentively, to the answers to my questions. I treated them with love of benevolence. 

And the thing I think turned out well, and I noticed they’re maturing and improving at their school subject of English! 

They told me they also would pray for me too, among other interesting things. Sometimes I paraphrased what they told me. I try to teach them with affection. Like grown-ups I treated them: they’re young but not silly. 

Even I let the younger brother tell me about a videogame, although obviously it hadn’t nothing to do with his school – it’s something that concerns him anyway, it’s something important for him. When I was making up a sentence to any of them I used realia (some coins to use the verb “add” for instance) and meaningful sentences, for them to realize English has to do with their lives... / Photo from: chelseatv sportsblog com.
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