Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2805. Our Dear Students May Think Different from Us Teachers

Our dear students have multiple intelligences. Some are visual, some are mathematic, some are interpersonal, some are linguistic…
The point is to teach our students from their strong points or intelligences. For example, instead of asking them all the time, let them ask you.
Some geniuses and celebrities were bad at their school subjects, like Einstein, Robert Redford, I think Newton, Steve Jobs, I guess Edison too. The school for them was a bore!
Until they were offered their element!: something they liked, just liked! And they got pretty high standards of development!
Think of the first teacher of yours that you can remember; maybe that teacher got to give you the approach to knowledge you liked; you then were inside your element.
One test: tell your students, next class with them, to ask you questions about their favorite school subjects and why they are their favorite ones. Just that! You’ll see how different the students are, and you’ll be able to teach them and address them from different viewpoints. Just try this although you may have big classes. Also you could try this at individual tutoring sessions.
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