Sunday, March 6, 2016

2802. About Empathizing With Our Students!

Just something cool. We teachers should be prone to listen, and empathize with our dear students. Also we should listen to the families, and the colleagues. 

Students like to be listened to by an adult. And they also need to give vents to their age conflicts, don’t they? 

We should listen to them, in groups and individually. All they say is important to them. If only there were individual tutoring sessions at schools…! 

There are in some schools I have worked for. 

Even we can learn from our students! Better if boys talk with male teachers and girls with female teachers. We should love our students with love of benevolence, this is, to wish good and benefits to them. 

And bear their problems and also joys. Listening to somebody is the best way to start to love him or her. It’s a kind and nice way to love people. Good listeners receive each word with a sane and mild proud, ponder about that word and learn something new, even from students! 

It’s the way to enhance and promote our students’ self-esteem. Think of it. / Photo from: www readinghorizons com
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