Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2804. Why Being Optimistic with Our Students

We teachers should be optimistic with our students. 

But optimistic when for example there are problems with some disruptive students, despite our struggle to manage the class? Yes, I said optimistic and I don’t remove any letter... 

Man and woman are always capable of great things, any of them. Plus our optimism has the foundation in God: if we strive for Him, our labor will not be sterile and fruitless! 

I’ve seen you struggling to teach English and help your dear students learn and acquire that language… you’ll see fruits. I’m optimistic. Students have resources for they are human beings, searching for happiness. 

Let’s not reduce and confine our work to something small! We’ve been called to a beautiful process of educating people, persons. The one who has never caused any problem at his school-period let him put his hand up! / Photo from: Trek-Road-Bikes 9dva finomail top. 
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