3414. When Teachers Are Great

It is not simple at many schools yet and their teachers do whatever they can: they do their best! I only wish to help my colleagues. 

I mean that unfortunately at some - only some maybe - Spanish schools yet a lot of English grammar is presented, but no emphasis is put on gaining some communicative competence. 

However, this is changing in Spain. And the problem is not simple. 

The thing is that some teachers feel in some way compelled to meet a school-year syllabus they think it is rich in grammar. And teaching teens is not simple. And they have not much time. Yet this is changing, or this has already changed, as I said. I’m referring to teaching English or other languages. 

Lately I had to teach a student to pass a September exam of English, and a lot of stress had been set at his school on grammar and nothing on winning a communicative competence. His teacher might have done her best anyway!

Nevertheless more and more Spanish schools are teaching how to obtain those oral and written communicative competences. 

Remember that teaching and learning English have to serve the purpose of making people capable to communicate in that language. 

Also I can say that all this is changing, and more and more English is spoken on the street with foreign people by young Spanish people: schools are transforming themselves into training that English be something practical we use in regular circumstances. / Photo from: autoexpress co uk


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