3417. Our Job as Teachers or Any Other Jobs Are Great

Every job, by definition, is service. Teaching is a lot of service. And very nice, hard sometimes though. Our job is great! 

Often we may catch ourselves helping beyond what is expected from our plain job as teachers. Who has never given a hand to a hectic colleague? Or dedicated some extra time to a student in need of help? 

Now I remember Juanfran offering his help to correct another teacher’s exams. That was nice and kind. Yes it was. Another teacher made me realize of that nice example. 

And service is based on love, otherwise it could be not that nice. I’m referring to love of benevolence: to wish what is good for the other person, for other people. 

When we love others with benevolence love we seek what is good for those people. 

And before a new school year we have to refill our gas tank. At present I’m thinking of teaching extra classes – we’ll see. At one of the schools where I work. And we can turn to our Father God for help, we may gain supporting on the transcendent, to refill our tank and persevere along the school year. 

Have a nice week, fellow teachers and everybody else! And let’s remember that beside being prone to give ourselves to others we may have also to rest regularly and stay with our family for longer. / Photo from: Freepik


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