3415. Are You a Creative Teacher?

We are near a new school year. Are you curious about what you’re going to teach? 

Now we teachers can plan that school year with ample lenses, which is better for our regular planning. 

I mean, come on, sit down at the computer and think of few points you would like to implement along the school year. Few and exciting ones. 

Think of what you would like for your students to gain in that new school year. Think of specific and exciting goals. You’re becoming more of an experienced teacher. 

Think but not too much time maybe. Think of useful stuff, something you can see at once on your computer. Not many points, at least at a first moment. Later you’ll plan furtherly. Goals you can realistically implement. 

Think of those goals for not too much time, and come back to those goals tomorrow, for letting the subconscious work on its own, for letting the little flood sediment on mind. / Photo from: Boeing 747 vs Cessna YouTube. Well I posted that photo because I had it among the ones I have to post, and have few left. Have a nice day! It shows something curious. 


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