3416. Authentic Communication in the Classroom

We teachers of a second/foreign language should create an atmosphere in the classroom where that language is spoken. 

I’ve seen it this summer once again. And it was nice. Even before and after the lesson that language can be spoken, between the teacher and the students. And it is nice. It is. 

Also we may have a student from another different country and with him we could speak in that tongue, English in our case. This summer I have seen kids for whom English is a difficult language and they spoke in English with a kid from Hong Kong. They were speaking in English with him! Kids for whom English was difficult! 

It was so but by then they tried hard and nice to talk in that language. 

On my own I thank my students because when I arrive at the classroom they address me in English, the language I teach. They have become accustomed to doing that, and the classroom is a place where English is used for communication. 

The classroom is like a piece of a country where English is the lingua franca. 

Now I can remember that at that summer school I was talking about even when the kids were reprimanded by their teacher outside the classroom they replied to the teacher in English too! Well also something that helped was that the teachers were one from the States and one from Nigeria. / Photo from: Silversea - Antarctica. I dedicate this post and this picture to the teachers of the south hemisphere of our planet.


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