3418. How to Really Motivate Our Students: Some Hint

However we start a lesson in the classroom is so important! A lot depends on that. 

I remember a teacher at high school that used to smile and look at us in an elegant way, at the beginning of the lesson and as a lesson warmer. 

He was prone to serve and help us in all ways he had at hand. And all that with nothing extraordinary or eccentric or extravagant. 

With some other teacher my classmates – well some of them – used to make some ridicule of – I say that with pain because they did something horrible: I so much hate that attitude. I hate the attitude but not my classmates. 

Okay, all that said, I can carry on. As I was saying, that teacher of ours used to have a nice and kind attitude with us his students. And his classes were quite good, yes they were. And interesting. 

Also he used to realize about our teen problems and stuff. And we the students used to correspond to that kind attitude with effort and struggling to learn and study and do our best. I’m referring to the year 1983-1984, but his attitude was universal and valid for all ages and seasons. 

As well he knew our possibilities: what we could give from ourselves. Will our students be able to remember when they are old, because we left some nice trail on them, and because we meant something to them? 

I don’t mean we have to seek fame in a selfish and egoist way but we have to influence positively on our students: we have to really educate them to become honorable, upright, honest, great and wise citizens, in a superlative way if possible, capable to change this world by sowing what is good. / Photo from: Iceland_Ski_one Iceland24


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