Friday, September 2, 2011

698. How to cook an essay

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Non-native students should master writing in English before proceeding into college. Master at least in communicating a clear message, well structured and with no big mistakes.

If possible – it’s possible to train – uttering something relevant and with the student’s own developing style. Writing is entertaining and creative. There are varied ways of teaching models of writing, but on the other hand each student must develop his or her own natural way. Here is one example. First, the student has the idea that he or she wants to communicate. They write a brief introduction to the topic, for the reader to learn what he’s going to write about. Then he or she develops the idea in the central body of the essay, making clear the core of their message. That body presents and develops the idea, as clear as possible.

All this training is in want of doing it once and again and again, and the learner will be discovering and noticing some point each essay is set.

Last, the conclusion, to round up the main thought, to conclude with a clear summarizing statement, which rounds off the main idea of the composition. On coming posts I’ll tell you further points.” / Photo from: Asian Cook Apprentice pinchmysalt com

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