Monday, September 12, 2011

705. A trip to Granada

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “With the English language you can go nearly anywhere in the world. Yesterday, Sunday, was a bright day. I was walking around with a friend of mine. It was still somewhat hot here in Granada, south of Spain. I live here.

We entered an ice-cream local. I ordered a nuget ice-cream. While we were enjoying the ice-cream, a family entered the local. This one is in Reyes Católicos street, rather close to Alhambra palaces. In Granada downtown you can easily hear English. I noticed the lady of the family had small problems with her English. I offered myself to help out with translation. All of us began to naturally speak, about them, about me. Their origin was Vietnamese, but lived somewhere else.

Then, when the lady addressed the assitant girl of the local I caught this one also knew English – she’s Spanish. Good English. It was a nice morning. The family lady told me they’d like to visit Alhambra palaces. It’s great to have a lingua franca – English namely – which we can communicate with. Worth to teach it.” / Photo from: minube com – This is Generalife, an awesome part of Alhambra. Worth to visit.

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