Wednesday, September 7, 2011

702. About the beginning year

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “We are beginning the academic year. Your students have the new coursebook of English – or a borrowed one. Most of them wish to do things well, or something near that kind, at least. Now it’s the moment when they have to begin to do homework, and listen to you in the class too. You can tell them the reason to carry out homework, which is not too much. It’s reinforment, it’s internalize the language, practice for later naturalistic communication in the class by using that grammar pattern.

When one student, the next day, didn’t bring his (or her) assigned homework..., what to do? You can note down some sign of ‘not hw’, or the sort, on the class chart. But, in a nice and firm way, make him respond a question by you about the significance of enhancing his learning at home. Solve the possible problems he will bring about, or have him find a solution himself. The point is: no student be left behind, and work from the beginning.” / Photo from: unitedfamiliesinternational wordpress com. woman scolding child

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