Saturday, September 10, 2011

704. She on the way of becoming a committed teacher

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “You and I have students with problems of learning, that’s for granted. What can we do with those, few often, students who can do nothing, or looks like that?

Two days ago I came across an old student I had twelve years ago, more or less. Now he’s an attorney! Since he saw I was astonished, he replied: Well, to be unable to face up with a book, full of words, the remedy is... reading. The way to defeat math unability is reading and re-reading the coursebook and notes by the teacher in class, and try to understand the universe of an exercise-problem in the book.

The moment you see that you understood something, Phew! One step forward, all right. As little as you make any progress, also your teacher will notice this change, Phew! He or she will think, for he or she are committed teachers. They’ll get more focused on supporting these steps of yours.” / Photo from: web2 menai-h schools nsw edu au— Students in library
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