Thursday, September 29, 2011

715. Ready to struggle

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Sport games, for example basketball, or here in Spain soccer, which is so popular (football), imply struggling, a sane fighting.

Life itself can be a sane struggling too. Living in the classroom and in all the school around can be so, alike. When we teachers love our job and wish to teach and assist our students to learn English, we’re prone to teach the class with commitment and at full dedication to our students – evidently sometimes or often we can feel tired or burned out or a zillion more hazards.

Difficulties, hard challenges, dire straits can make us teachers think and act more efficiently. The very same thing can happen to our students, when they try to overwhelm tough situations and everyday studying.

Teaching English is not a mere teaching English, like you know: it’s teaching a profession – as students – and ways to learn English: listening to understand, focusing on a drill exercise, making up a project-work within a small team. So, it’s teaching for life – not less! – and for a responsible work in society. / Photo from: fieldtechnologies com. School bus fleet

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