Thursday, September 22, 2011

711. That family looks nice

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “You are a busy and committed teacher, no doubt. However, your first ‘investment’ has to be your family. And your Father God, firstly; you told me you need him. You also told me you often arrive home late, throw your bag aside, and close you in your office to carry on working, the students in mind always, of course. More or less it’s so, right? Almost no word to your wife, and your kids see and hear you little.

You deserve relaxing and staying with your family. They deserve you. Your wife does wish to talk to you. ‘Every night she tells me the same’, you think. She needs to be listened to by you. Her joys, her frustrations, your kids, her work out, your eldest son leaving for college… On the other hand you’re starting to tell your inner stuff to that young female teacher who just arrived to your center. Ok, you feel, it’s nice to tell your uneasiness to her. She’s so attentive, and sweet and young, you think.

Do you ever take your wife to the movies and after that you get two-flavor ice-creams while sitting in front of the fountain she always liked? You know, I tell you all this because I do see your late distress and your wish to get rid of your inner piercing things. Count on me, too.” / Photo from: providaalicante blogspot com. Family

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