Wednesday, September 14, 2011

707. Excuse me, can I help you?

One day teacher of Englisjh A said to teacher of English B, “A few years ago came to my school a new teacher of English. He was an experienced one. He came to me one of his first days to tell me he was amazed to see a student in a wheelchair: this student looked cheerful usually.

He and his family had had a car accident. This kid got seriously damaged in one leg. All in all, as I’m saying, he looked as though this inability was..., what shall I say it in my English? You know, this big problem had not affected him too much. As well, it was amazing to see how his classmates pushed the wheelchair, these and those at different moments, with nothing special.

A van used to take the kid to the dining-hall, a teacher of his driving the van. These things are nice at school, and can be an educative example for the students, and the teachers.” / Photo from: torange us. People studying pointer scheme

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