Friday, September 23, 2011

712. Some suggestions to improve homework

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Relaxing after the classes naturally is necessary for our students, to later keep on plunging into the learning process of English.

Children and teens have to move and run, play some sport, for example. They could do this at some scheduled time in the evening. A mom some days ago told me that if they play sport, kids burn fats and use the body energy. She said also that kids shouldn’t live chocked with many extra-school activities, as well.

If they have classes in the evening, including lunch at the school, she - an expert in these issues who gives lectures – says youngsters could dedicate half hour to watch television, or play some video-games, listen to music… – before homework.

The point is that they would rest, ok, but not too long, for then it’s harder to focus again on school homework.

About us teachers she said it’s all right to take a nap at some time, but about 20 or 25 minutes maximum – otherwise, if longer, you get into a deeper period of sleep, and so you wake up worse than when sleeping for shorter.” / Photo from: kolkata olx in. Provide Tuition to the students of Nursery in South Kolkata Ballygunge, West India

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