Friday, September 30, 2011

716. Pulling forward from one another

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Last week a chemistry teacher told us that few days before she had asked a student to say the answer to an activity, and he had at once responded something like (in Spanish, L1) he could not do it because he was hyperactive, this little ‘sassy devil’.

What to do when some or many of our students just don’t want to work in the class? Now I could say: reckon and praise someone’s try, or right answer, small it may be though. This can be the beginning of pulling them upward from their passive state.

Keep on admitting the correct answers and their struggle to work nice. Try and try. This process will take a long time.

You can stop to briefly discuss their correct answer, so as to reinforce their effort and hitting the target. Have them approximate an answer, if someone wants to say nothing. Grasp the just low-voice hint he or she says. Exploit this hint to give some answer.

The point is to softly pull them out to start to work and think. Quite often this attitude from you might start to motivate them.” / Photo from: kksh org. Tour de France. Cycling pic

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