Monday, October 3, 2011

718. Please, tell me another story!

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “My students liked to read, yes sir. Once a month I used to bring to the class of English a pile of readers and few unabridged books, with one of my students’ help.

The students liked that special day, and they were eager to see me and their classmate carrying the books through the door. The aim was reading for pleasure and massively. I delivered the books according to each student’s level of English.

They did focus on reading, silently. When someone finished his book – I didn’t care much whether they had actually finished reading it; I thought it was more important for the learners to enjoy reading and feel free, that day. Anyway, they did read actually.

Often one student came to my desk to ask me for another one, great. They familiarized with reading extensive English and understanding a long text, which told something meaningful for them. Many of them asked me to tell them the meaning of a word. I was circulating between the rows of desks.

Even a few of the students asked me whether they could make a summary! Oh, I implemented this activity in 1 or 2 ESO – 12 to 14 years.” / Photo from: persquaremile com. London underground Nottinghill station

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