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language books for teenagers

Submitted by loubylou on 17 October, 2011 - 14:49


I am new to TEFL and have been asked to give a 11 and a 15 year old lessons. Does anyone know of a good book to help them with the basics of English?

Language books for teenagers

Submitted on 21 October, 2011 - 12:09

Hi loubylou,

The first books which come up to mind are Jeremy Harmer's.

His books are great. I read one of them, maybe more, when I was studying Philology of English, about 1992.

I presume, well, I do know you can find titles by him in the Internet. Right now I can't remember any. His books are practical, interesting, encouraging for new teachers.

As well you'll find articles by him. As you know, type his name and perhaps some specific aspect of teaching and learning English.

Let me give you something else, sorry. I mean, you might perhaps find something useful regarding new and prospective teachers of English in my blog. Sorry again for mentioning myself! Obviously I'm not at all at Jeremy Harmer's level.




Hope any useful there, if you peek at it. I've learnt most from experts... and from my students' themselves.

Granada, Spain

Teacher of English and teacher trainer

Language books for teenagers

Submitted on 24 October, 2011 - 11:36

Hi loubylou,

I apologise, because some minutes ago I read my reply to your question about books for your students about the basics of English.

I’ve just realized that you were referring to your students, not to you as a TEFL teacher.

Anyway, perhaps what I wrote about Jeremy Harmer can be helpful to you.

Worse is the thing of advising you about books to learn and practise the basics of English. I mean, let me think, for evidently this is a different question.

Now I remember a very useful book. It’s diverse from the books with units about different topics and with many colourful photos, which ones I’ve used many times, and often they're good books. The useful book is, well, it’s a graded series, but the general title is English Grammar in Use, published by Cambridge University Press. You can find further information in Google or any other searcher.

The point with this book is that its more than 100 units, in double page spread, are very practical: each unit is about a specific grammar point. The first page is the theoretical (and amusing) presentation of the grammar point, and the opposite one has practical exercises to practise that grammar, often with a point of humour.

Many people have told me this book or this series have helped them a lot because of the clarity of the presentation and also of the practice of grammar. Illustrations and cartoons clarify the grammar point even in a clearer way.

I hope this comment would be of any help.

Best wishes


Granada, Spain

Teacher of English and teacher trainer


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