726. She's a good German teacher today

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Last week I began to teach private classes to a young kid with problems; he’s in Spanish primary education.

Some weeks before, at a family meeting at my center, I’d heard a lecture by a psychiatrist. He talked to us, parents and teachers, about the attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

I, as a teacher, must observe my students’ behavior. I thought at the lecture that if a young kid has problems with studies, something wrong is going on, as if the regular case for a young student were carrying out his or her studies with no big problems.

My private teaching should not confine to simply teaching English, yet to observe and then assist the student with the way he is. That’s a milestone to success, hopefully.

So, when I plan my classes with this student, I also think about the way he did last class, and how he reacted, and how he thinks, and how whatever. I must know him well, not only invent a way for him to do the exercises of the course book.

That can be a sound first premise to consider for my classes.” / Photo from: newyork olx com. German or Hungarian Private Classes Upper West Side


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