720. A regular day of theirs

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “I was thinking about what you told me yesterday. It helps me.

You said something that can help us, teachers, to have a trascendent view of life. That our students are people, individual persons to teach English, and furthermore, assist them to achieve a thorough education.

Well, delicately respecting students’ freedom plus their parents’, obviously.

And we as well have God, who helps us, both teacher and students. Also you said that you count on him to hold a positive view of your work, an optimistic one, and that nothing said or done in favor of our students’ education is lost.

God would have, according to you, a tender love, of a dad and mom. And he’s close to us in our daily struggle and joys. Last that we can offer our committed labor to God as a gift to Dad.

Well, also you escaped from that great frustration regarding your work, in 1993, by turning to him. I like all that thought, and made me smile yesterday.” / Photo from: underground sailingvoyage com


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