Wednesday, October 19, 2011

728. Building communication in English in classes

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “As you know I teach in English all the class, albeit the students may have a very basic level or on the other hand they may have some competence to speak in English. I pretend I don’t know L1, like I’ve said many times here.

I think I should help the students with vocabulary for them to be able to talk about what I’ve planned for the class. Last Friday an adult learner and I were talking about relationship-building in a company, for this student needs to practice talking about that topic. That day, during the class, I found out that it’d be helpful to provide vocabulary about that topic before talking, so as to give him more ‘tools’ to speak – I could provide, elicit, teach or do something else to give him some useful words.

In children’s case, with very little English, I could do something similar. Let me see. If we’re going to talk about their schools, why not providing them with some words they’ll need to answer my questions about their schools? I can revise or elicit or teach words like: teacher, subjects, math, English, play football [ I mean ‘soccer’], friends, backpack, lunch, etc.

To sum up: if you want to talk with your students about some topic, first they’ve got to know some words about that topic.” / Photo from: blog travel com. chinese friendly subway riders

Here is a comment by Guaymi to post # 722. A lot of students love stories. Thank you, Guaymi.

I must confess that I never read... I do not have enough time to do it. However I love stories and films. I also like painting and I know that there are lots of stories to tell. Then I have to begging written then, once I get the temper to comprehend my drawings. How should I start doing this? Thanks¡¡
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