Thursday, October 20, 2011

729. Do you know her point of view?

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Often my students feel bored with the stories or non-fiction texts from their textbook of English. Also with the exercises.

All these things aren’t of any interest to them. Those topics have nothing to do with their lives. The first premise, I think, should be to make them see that the subject of English is not a mere doing exercises in a meaningless book.

How about fostering speaking in English? The subject of English isn’t a theoretical subject, but one for life itself, for communication with real people they’re going to encounter, now more than thirty years ago, when I started to study English.

I propose to you, if you let me do so: after working on a text, or better said, while working on a text, ask them simple – or challenging and brain-engaging – questions, related to the life and the events they’re living, about the city, simple yes/no questions, wh-questions, the youth now, proposals for current economic crisis, crises of values among the young, how young pople their age think about this or that point.

The students like these serious discussions, among other things because they feel listened to!, and you foster a discussion that makes them think, and all of you have small laughs – also because of the slight sense of humor you talk with, from time to time.

Besides you’ll attain to know what they think about points of their own lives. It’s worthy to try. Oh, as well they expect what you, as an adult you are, think about those points.” / Photo from: fastweb com. Asian girl studying

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