727. Exploring new ways

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Once I had to replace and substitute a missing teacher for one class of his. The students were about 9 years old. I was asked to teach that class of English when I’d just arrived at school.

Obviously I hadn’t planned anything for the class. So there I was. They were some 25 or 30 students. I had to do up and improvise.

Since they were young students I invented something that they could hopefully like: a story made up as I would be talking along. During the story I was acting out too.

This happened some years ago. Summing up: the point was attracting their attention to focus on me and the story. I think this class turned out better than the usual planned classes I used to teach.

I think this way of conducting gave me another view of teaching, a very naturalistic one, let’s say. Also at that class I learned a new insight about the ways they listen to English, the way they can react to what they’re listening. However I always firmly recommend to plan classes.” / Photo from: eresmicolorfavorito blogspot com. Nublado. / One comment is awaiting for moderation.


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