734. A demanding profession

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I just heard this is in the school cafeteria: One teacher of English, if someone adult asks him or her for taking private classes, the first thing, at the first interview between they two, is for the teacher to listen to the potential client. So as to make out an ample view of his or her needs.

This is of a paramount importance, look. You know, the point here is to clearly find out which the student’s necessities are: some learners look for getting the ability of reading scientific texts in English – just that. Others want to focus on gaining fluency at speaking - just that.

The teacher, coming to head, must adapt his teaching in order to really be useful to cover those needs, in rather a short period, usually.

How? First listen and put in his or her shoes. Thus, the point is to teach him English to face up those expectations and needs, with all his experience at teaching and planning classes - now they’re classes of English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

This implies taking into account the specific topics, vocabulary and grammar, as the tools and skeleton and aid for the student’s needs and requirements, different for instance from the general English that teacher should teach in small or large classes of teens.

The teacher should make up a written plan to meet the final result of gaining the expected skills the student’s eagerly demands.

The teacher would put his or her experience at teaching English at the entire service of that student. It would be grand, in this case, to have the student realize of the learning strategies and style he or she uses.

All this along with penetrating in the student’s mind and likely anxiety: he needs you and so turns to a competent professional! Don’t disappoint him.” / Photo from: todaysdrum com. cockpit crew


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